Via Rail Train Tickets, Schedules and Fares (2024)

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Via Rail FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions
  • What are some common issues faced by Via Rail customers, and how are they resolved?

  • Common issues faced by Via Rail customers may include ticketing problems, seat availability, and scheduling conflicts. Via Rail addresses these issues through efficient customer service support, transparent communication, and proactive problem-solving measures. The company aims to rectify any issues promptly and enhance the overall travel experience for its customers.
  • Can passengers travel with pets on Via Rail?

  • Yes, passengers can travel with pets on Via Rail. Via Rail allows small pets, including cats and dogs, to travel with their owners.
  • How does Via Rail handle customer complaints and feedback?

  • Via Rail values customer feedback and handles complaints through their dedicated customer service channels. They acknowledge complaints promptly, investigate thoroughly, and strive to provide fair and satisfactory resolutions. Via Rail is dedicated to continuously improving its services based on customer feedback and aims to ensure a positive travel experience for all passengers.
  • Does Via Rail provide in-transit entertainment options like movies or music?

  • Yes, Via Rail offers in-transit entertainment options such as movies and music to keep passengers entertained during their journey. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the onboard entertainment experience.
  • Does Via Rail offer travel insurance options?

  • Via Rail does not offer travel insurance options directly. However, passengers can opt to purchase travel insurance from third-party providers to cover their train travel with Via Rail.
  • Are there any discounts or loyalty programs available?

  • Via Rail offers various discounts and loyalty programs, including VIA Preference, which provides points for each trip that can be redeemed for rewards. There are also discounts for seniors, students, and youth, as well as special promotions and group rates.
  • What amenities are available on Via Rail?

  • Via Rail offers various amenities including reclining seats, spacious cabins, dining cars, and accessible restrooms. The train is equipped with free Wi-Fi, power outlets, and comfortable seating to enhance the travel experience.
  • Does Via Rail offer corporate accounts or services for business travelers?

  • Via Rail offers corporate accounts and services for business travelers, providing streamlined booking processes, access to discounted fares, and dedicated support for managing business travel needs. This ensures that companies can efficiently manage their travel expenses and provide convenient transportation options for employees.
  • Can you pick up 'will call tickets' at the station?

  • Yes, at Via Rail, passengers can conveniently pick up 'will call tickets' at the station by presenting valid identification and the booking reference number.
  • How can I contact Via Rail customer service?

  • To contact Via Rail customer service, you can reach out through their website's contact page, call their toll-free number, or engage with them on social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. Via Rail's customer service is committed to providing assistance and resolving any travel-related inquiries.
  • What are the policies for traveling with children on Via Rail?

  • Via Rail has clear policies for traveling with children, ensuring a family-friendly travel experience. These policies cover topics such as child fares, onboard facilities for families, and guidelines for ensuring the safety and comfort of young passengers during the journey.
  • Are there specific documents or requirements for Via Rail trips crossing international borders?

  • When traveling with Via Rail across international borders, specific document requirements vary based on the countries involved. It is essential to have a valid passport and ensure compliance with the visa and entry requirements of the destination country. For precise information, passengers should consult both Via Rail and the appropriate immigration authorities.
  • How does the Via Rail e-ticket work?

  • The Via Rail e-ticket is a convenient and eco-friendly way to travel. After booking, you'll receive an electronic ticket via email, which you can present on your mobile device or print out. Make sure to have a valid ID when traveling with an e-ticket.
  • Do infants have special discount on train tickets?

  • Via Rail typically offers discounted or complimentary tickets for infants, providing families with a cost-effective and convenient travel option. The details of infant discounts may vary based on the specific route and booking conditions, so passengers are encouraged to inquire at the time of booking.
  • What are the luggage allowances and restrictions on Via Rail?

  • Via Rail allows passengers to bring carry-on baggage and check-in luggage. The allowance for checked baggage is determined by the fare type. There are restrictions on the weight and dimensions of each baggage. Specific details can be found on the Via Rail website.
  • Can passengers bring bicycles or sports equipment on Via Rail train?

  • Yes, Via Rail allows passengers to bring bicycles and sports equipment on their trains. However, certain guidelines and fees apply for transporting these items. Passengers should review Via Rail's regulations regarding the transport of bicycles and sports equipment.
  • What facilities are available for passengers with special needs?

  • Via Rail provides various facilities for passengers with special needs, including priority seating, accessible restrooms, and boarding assistance. Passengers can also request specific accommodations in advance, such as wheelchair-accessible spaces and assistance with boarding and disembarking the train.
  • What are Via Rail's safety protocols and standards?

  • Via Rail prioritizes passenger safety by adhering to strict safety protocols and standards. This includes regular maintenance of trains, thorough safety inspections, and adherence to industry best practices to ensure a secure journey for all passengers.
  • Are there group discounts or special rates?

  • Via Rail offers group discounts and special rates, making it an attractive option for group travel. Whether for educational trips, family outings, or corporate events, groups can benefit from cost savings and dedicated assistance to facilitate their travel arrangements.
  • What are the benefits of using Via Rail for business travel?

  • Via Rail offers several benefits for business travel, including comfortable seating, onboard Wi-Fi, spacious work areas, and a quiet environment conducive to productivity. Additionally, business travelers can take advantage of flexible booking options, priority boarding, and access to business lounges at select stations.
  • Are there charging ports, Wi-Fi, and bathrooms on Via Rail?

  • Yes, Via Rail provides charging ports, complimentary Wi-Fi, and clean bathrooms on board. Passengers can stay connected and refreshed throughout their journey.
  • Can I cancel or change my Via Rail train ticket?

  • Yes, you can cancel or change your Via Rail train ticket, but certain conditions and fees may apply. It is recommended to review the specific fare rules and conditions related to cancellations and changes before you proceed.
  • Are there special rates or services for students and young travelers?

  • Via Rail provides special rates and services for students and young travelers, allowing them to experience the convenience and comfort of train travel at discounted prices. Students can take advantage of various programs and promotions designed to make their travel more affordable and enjoyable.
  • How many total passengers fit on a Via Rail train?

  • The total number of passengers that can fit on a Via Rail train varies depending on the specific train and route. Each train is designed to accommodate a certain capacity to ensure a comfortable journey for all passengers.
  • What amenities, facilities, and services are available to passengers traveling with infants and toddlers?

  • Via Rail provides amenities for passengers traveling with infants and toddlers, including changing tables, family seating areas, and special meal options for young travelers. Passengers can also request assistance from onboard staff if needed.
  • Is there food and beverage service available for purchase on Via Rail?

  • Yes, Via Rail offers a range of fresh and delicious food and beverage options for purchase. Passengers can enjoy a variety of meals, snacks, and drinks during their journey.
  • Are there special routes or services available during major holidays and peak seasons?

  • Via Rail provides special routes and services during major holidays and peak seasons to accommodate the increased demand for train travel. This includes additional train services on popular routes and special holiday packages for passengers.
  • Does Via Rail offer a rewards or loyalty program?

  • Yes, Via Rail offers a rewards program called VIA Préférence. It allows passengers to earn points on their travel, which can be redeemed for free tickets or upgrades.
  • What are the pricing tiers for Via Rail tickets?

  • Via Rail offers different pricing tiers for train tickets including Economy, Economy Plus, Business, and Sleeper Plus. Each tier provides varying levels of comfort, amenities, and flexibility to accommodate different passenger needs.
  • Does Via Rail have any affiliations with travel organizations or clubs?

  • Yes, Via Rail has affiliations with various travel organizations and clubs, offering benefits and discounts to members of these organizations for their train travel.
  • Can Via Rail accommodate large groups or private bookings?

  • Yes, Via Rail can accommodate large groups and private bookings, offering tailored solutions to meet the specific needs of groups. From coordinating seating arrangements to providing onboard services, the staff is prepared to ensure a smooth and enjoyable journey for all group members.
  • What are the guidelines and fees for bicycle transport and sports equipment on Via Rail?

  • Via Rail has specific guidelines and fees for transporting bicycles and sports equipment. Passengers should carefully review these regulations on the Via Rail website to ensure compliance and to avoid any inconvenience during their travel.
  • Can passengers access streaming services on board?

  • Yes, passengers can access their favorite streaming services using the complimentary Wi-Fi available on Via Rail. Enjoy your favorite shows, movies, and music while traveling.
  • Are there any packages or options for digital nomads or those traveling for work?

  • Via Rail provides convenient travel packages tailored for digital nomads and working travelers. These packages often include perks such as flexible ticket changes, access to onboard amenities like Wi-Fi and power outlets, and opportunities to join the VIA Preference program for exclusive benefits.
  • What are the requirements and guidelines for bringing pets on board?

  • To bring pets on board Via Rail, passengers must follow guidelines such as keeping the pet in a secure and well-ventilated carrier, ensuring the pet remains under the seat, and adhering to any additional regulations that may apply.
  • What are Via Rail's policies regarding travel interruptions and delays?

  • Via Rail's policies regarding travel interruptions and delays are aimed at providing passengers with timely updates, alternate travel options, and compensation for inconveniences.
  • How does Via Rail handle special requests like extra luggage?

  • Passengers requiring special arrangements for extra luggage should contact Via Rail in advance. Additional fees may apply for exceeding the standard luggage allowance. Via Rail provides assistance in accommodating special requests to ensure a comfortable travel experience.
  • What are the policies regarding bringing personal food and drinks on board the train?

  • Passengers are welcome to bring personal food and drinks on board Via Rail trains. However, it's important to be respectful of fellow passengers and dispose of any waste responsibly.
  • How can customers benefit from regular travel with Via Rail?

  • Frequent travelers with Via Rail can benefit from the VIA Préférence program by earning points on every trip, which can be redeemed for various rewards, including free tickets and upgrades.
  • Are there special accommodations or services for senior citizens?

  • Via Rail provides special accommodations and services for senior citizens, including priority boarding, assistance with luggage, and comfortable seating options. The staff is trained to provide extra support and ensure a pleasant travel experience for seniors.
  • How can I book a ticket for Via Rail?

  • To book a ticket for Via Rail, visit their official website or use their mobile app. You can also book tickets at their stations or by calling their customer service. Additionally, you can make reservations through authorized travel agents.
  • What are the most popular Via Rail routes?

  • The most popular Via Rail routes include the Corridor (Toronto to Ottawa, Montreal, and Quebec City), The Ocean (Montreal to Halifax), and The Canadian (Toronto to Vancouver).
  • How are passengers compensated or assisted in the event of unexpected delays?

  • Passengers are compensated or assisted in the event of unexpected delays through various means such as meal vouchers, accommodation arrangements, and alternative transportation options.
  • Do you have to print your Via Rail ticket?

  • No, Via Rail offers the option to use the e-ticketing system, allowing passengers to present their ticket on a mobile device without the need for printing.
  • How does Via Rail handle delays and cancellations?

  • Via Rail handles delays and cancellations by keeping passengers informed, offering alternative travel arrangements, and providing compensation in compliance with their policies.
  • Does Via Rail offer services for special events like festivals, concerts, or sports events?

  • Via Rail offers special services for events like festivals, concerts, and sports events, providing convenient and comfortable transportation options for attendees. This may include extra train services, event-specific packages, and convenient schedules to cater to the needs of travelers.
  • How accessible are Via Railes for passengers with mobility issues?

  • Via Rail is committed to providing accessibility for all passengers. The trains are equipped with accessible restrooms, seating areas, and boarding assistance for passengers with mobility issues. Additionally, staff members are trained to assist passengers with disabilities to ensure a comfortable travel experience.
  • Do senior citizens get any discounts or special rates?

  • Yes, senior citizens can benefit from discounts and special rates offered by Via Rail, making it a cost-effective choice for their travel needs. These discounts are designed to make train travel more accessible and affordable for seniors.
  • Does Via Rail offer gift cards or travel vouchers?

  • Yes, Via Rail offers gift cards and travel vouchers that can be used towards the purchase of train tickets, making them an excellent gift for train travel enthusiasts.
  • Does Via Rail offer any premium features like extra legroom or movies?

  • Via Rail offers premium features including extra legroom, comfortable seating, and entertainment options to enhance the travel experience. Passengers can upgrade to Business Class for additional amenities and luxurious perks.
  • Via Rail accepts which payment methods?

  • Via Rail accepts various payment methods, including credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express), Interac Online, and pre-paid credit cards. It is advisable to check the website for the most up-to-date information on accepted payment methods.
  • What health and hygiene measures does Via Rail follow?

  • Via Rail follows stringent health and hygiene protocols to ensure passenger safety. This includes enhanced cleaning and sanitization, mandatory mask-wearing, and adherence to social distancing guidelines.

Via Rail reviews and rating

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1.5 stars from 341 reviews

thumb_downanonymous passenger

I had a really bad train trip experience. Via Rail needs to do a better job.

thumb_downanonymous passenger

no price on tickets


Horrible site to navigate! Finally found some pricing, but couldn't find out the differences between Economy, Economy Plus, and other levels of travel!


Buying a ticket is a nightmare

thumb_downanonymous passenger

Bad webside. Is it a secret the price of the ticket?

thumb_downanonymous passenger

Bad webside. Is it a secret the price of the ticket?


Pas de places pour choisir le nombre de tikey


Pas de places pour choisir le nombre de tikey


Bad website can't book and can't find prices


Bad website can't book and can't find prices

Via Rail contact

  • 1 888 842-7245
  • cP/PO BOX 8116 SUCC CENTRE-VILLE Montréal (Québec) H3C 3N3


All you need to know about Via Rail


Via Rail is a huge train company that runs intercity passenger rail services in Canada.

Via Rail Canada started in 1977, and since then carried millions of travelers around the country.

It runs almost 500 trains per week covering eight Canadian Provinces.

Beside this, Viarail has a partnership with Amtrak.

Together both companies can reach many places in Canada and the United States.


Train Ticket from Toronto to Montreal

18 Via train schedules are leaving Toronto to Montreal daily.

The cheapest Via Rail fare in this route is $123,17, while the highest price is 233,93.

This travel takes around 5 hours without stops.

Via Rail Toronto to Montreal Train Ticket Details

Train Ticket from Toronto to Ottawa

There are at least 25 Via Rail train schedules to Ottawa every day.

The lowest train ticket is $44, and the highest ticket price is $178,05.

This journey takes almost 5 hours without stops.

Via Rail Toronto to Ottawa Train Ticket Details

Train Ticket from Montreal to Toronto

There are at least 18 schedules to Toronto daily.

The cheapest ticket fare is $44, while the highest ticket price is $125,32

This trip takes around 5 hours without stops.

Buy Train Ticket from Montreal to Toronto


How to book Via Rail Tickets?

There are several ways to buy your train ticket or your rail pass.

Buying a Via Rail Ticket Online

You can buy your train ticket using Via Rail's site.

The payment can be made using credit cards.

It accepts MasterCard, Visa, and American Express.

Buying a Train Ticket for App

Via Rail offers a mobile application where you can buy your train ticket.

The app is available on GooglePlay and AppStore.

Buying a train ticket by Phone

To get information and buy a train ticket over the phone by calling 1 888 VIA-RAIL (1 888 842-7245).

For TTY service, please call 1-800-286-9503

The calling is free to Canada or United States.

Buying a train ticket at Train Station

There are thousands of train station across Canada.

Find the nearest you and buy your ticketBuying your ticket at Via Rail AgencyOther option to buy is going to directly in a Travel Agency in Canada or the US.

Find all travel agency available.


Via Rail offers four types of ticket prices.

Each one has some own rules about routes, refunds, exchanges, stop-over, and seats.

Lowest Ticket Price

Every day some routes have reduced fares in Economy and Sleeper class.

Check more information at Via Rail's website.

Escape Fare

It is available only on Via Rails routes.

In a case of a refund or/and exchanges, it is applied a fee of 50% of the fare.

If you choose a new ticket more expensive, you will be charged for this difference.

There are a limited number of seats in this condition.

Business Fare

This price is available only for a one-way ticket for one adult.

It is valid only in Quebec City, Montreal, Oshawa, Toronto, and Ottawa.

This fare is available only in purchased made at website, phone number, or ticket counters.

Via Rail Business Class tickets are refundable and exchangeable with a 25% service charge of fare.

Corporate Fare

Via Rail offers a ticket fare special for companies.

Check more at Via Rail's website.


Via Rail has exclusive discounts programs.

Special Offer for CAA Members

If you are a member of CAA Rewards, you can get 10% OFF to travel in Economy and Business class to anywhere in Canada.

Special Discount for Hostelling International Members

If you are an Hostelling International member, you can get 12.5% OFF in a train ticket.

Special Discount for Football Fans

You can get 15% OFF to follow your favorite Football team during their games.

To receive this deal, you should enter the discount code: FOOTBALL

Exclusive Offer for Student and Youth

There are three kinds of ticket fares that were made to youth people.

Via 6 Pak: 6 one-way tickets for trips between two cities.

Unlimited Semester Pass Fares: A train pass that let you travel unlimited in a specific zone.

Youth Summer Pass: This pass let you enjoy the summer as much as you can.

This offer permits you to travel between all cities in Canada.

Only passengers up to 25 years old can use this deal.

Exclusive Offers for Children and Family

Via Rail has two types of deals for children.

Children up to two years travel for free.

Kids from two up to 11 years old get 50% OFF on the adult fare.

Special Discount for Elderly

Passengers from 60 years old can save 10% on Economy Plus, Sleeper, Sleeper Plus, and Touring fares.


Does Via Rail have Wi-Fi?

Via Rail offers Wi-Fi service in many trains, Station Lounge, and some stations.

Via Rail Baggage

If you carry on luggage in your Train trip, you should pay attention in which type of fare is your ticket.

Each ticket fare has its baggage rules.

Luggage allowed in Via Rail Escape Fare and Economy/ Economy Plus Tickets

One Personal Article, weighing up to 25 lb and volume up to 17 x 6 x 13 in., plus one large piece, weighing up to 40 lb and size 62 inches.

Or two small bags are weighing up to 25 lb each one and has a volume up to 21,5 x 15,5 x 9 inches.

Baggage allowed in Via Rail Business Fare

One personal article is weighing up to 25 lb and size 17 x 6 x 13 inches.

Plus two large pieces of luggage weighing up to 50 lb each one and has a size up to 62 linear inches

Luggage Allowed in Via Rail Sleeper Plus and Prestige ticket fare

One personal bag is weighing up to 25 lb and size 17 x 6 x 13 inches.

More two small pieces of luggage weighing up to 25 lb each one and size 21,5 x 15,5 x 9 inches each.

In all situations above, in a case of overweight or extra bags, passengers must pay a fee.

Does Via Rail Allow Pets?

Via Rail does not allow pets in passengers car, except guide dogs.

If you want to travel with a pet, it must go in the baggage car.

Only dogs, cats, and small rodents can go aboard Via Trains.


There are many train stations around Canada.

The main terminals are:

Montreal Central Train Station
Address: 895 de la Gauchetiere West
Montréal, QC, H3B 4G1, Canada

Phone Number: 1-888-842-7245

This station works from Monday to Sunday, at 04h30 to 00h30.

Find more details about Montreal Train Terminal

Toronto Union Station
Address: 65 Front Street West
Toronto, ON, M5J 1E6, Canada

Phone Number: (888) 842-7245

This terminal works from Monday to Sunday, at 05h30 to 00h45.

Find more details about Toronto Union Station

Pacific Central Station
Address: 1150 Station St.
Vancouver, BC, V6A 4C7, Canada

Phone Number: (888) 842-7245

This station works from Monday to Sunday, at 05h00 to 01h00.

Find more details about Vancouver Train Station


Documents Required for your Train Travel

Passenger must guarantee that they are in ownership of valid travel documents.

If travel is in Canada and the passenger is Canadian, it is necessary that have an I.D.

In a case of foreign travelers, it must have a valid passport and the required visas for all journeys.

Boarding on Via Rail Train

It is suggested that you come at the boarding point about 1 hour in advance from the departure time.

It may take some minutes to complete boarding process.

Via Rail Train Tickets, Schedules and Fares (2024)


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