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Red UK|February 2024Slow downMy friends will think it’s ironic that this entire issue of Red is dedicated to doing less, as I am probably the most overambitious of anyone I know when it comes to fitting too much in. But with ‘physician, heal thyself’ ringing in my ears, I decided our mantra for the year ahead should be to take life easier – aka the busy woman’s guide to doing less.That comes in many different forms. Sometimes it’s practical, such as the suggestions for better productivity on page 26, or emotional, like Fearne Cotton’s small mental shifts on page 34 (I found the pie chart analogy particularly enlightening for my own work/life load). It could be putting smarter things into action (turn to page 36 for the very appealing 101 on passive income),…1 Min
Red UK|February 2024DESTINATION CASUALSmart in the cityIf power dressing is your uniform whatever the weather, mixing in a few key seasonal pieces will take the edge off that midwinter chill. Yaitte’s tobacco knit dress and Anine Bing‘s wool blazer deliver on sharp silhouettes while remaining cosy. Plus, throwing on Raey’s classic belted trench will instantly make everything look slicker.Snow businessAs winter clothing goes, ski-wear is potentially the coolest option, whether or not you’re hitting the slopes. Snow-ready textiles mean fewer layers are required to keep you cosy and looking chic, so why not don salopettes to the shops? Just accompany with Tom Ford’s retro glasses and Isabel Marant Etoile’s cropped vinyl puffa for a finishing fashion element.Home comfortsCraving comfort? Slip shearling and cashmere in with your athleisure wear for fashion with that warm…2 Min
Red UK|February 2024SLIDE SHOWSlide Miu Miu’s logo clip on to the back of a sleek ponytail adorned with other gold grips and pearlsSticking to gold? Add depth by mixing smooth with crinkled texturesAdd a crystal barrette to your classic cream mohair cardigan and jeans for instant elevation…1 Min
Red UK|February 2024HOW TO DO MORE OF WHAT MATTERS (… and less of what doesn’t)When Ali Abdaal was a newly qualified junior doctor, he was left to manage a hospital ward alone on Christmas Day. As a medical student, his strategy to get things done had always been simple: work harder. But in the hospital setting, with an emergency cardiac arrest and an ever-increasing list of patients to be seen, it no longer worked. He wasn’t sleeping, his mood suffered, his friendships were fading and he didn’t have much time for family. Even when he stayed on the ward until midnight, there were always more patients, and his to-do list would never get finished. Abdaal had an epiphany that Christmas Day, when he was so busy and stressed he dropped a tray of medical supplies and syringes flew across the floor. It was then…3 Min
Red UK|February 2024INSPIRATIONAL MINUTESWe Should All Be Feministsby Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie (2012)DURATION: 29 MIN 19 SECThe author of Half Of A Yellow Sun and Americanah’s speech about gender inequity, given at TEDxEuston in London, became so iconic it was later turned into a bestselling book and sampled in Beyoncé’s 2013 track Flawless. On stage, Adichie masterfully crafts an argument from her own experiences and anecdotes, declaring, ‘I am angry… We should all be angry.’ Yet, at the same time, she delivers her impassioned message with a cool, sardonic wit that draws frequent laughs from the crowd.The Power Of Vulnerabilityby Brené Brown (2010)DURATION: 20 MIN 3 SECA relative unknown outside academic circles before she gave this celebrated TED Talk, Brown uses her moment in the spotlight to summarise a decade of her research on…5 Min
Red UK|February 2024WINTER 6 MONTHS SALE FOR £6“I just love the variety of topics that are covered. Great ideas for the home, recipes and environmental issues, as well as artisanal goods”Mrs Smillie Country Living subscriberEASY WAYS TO SUBSCRIBEVisit 01858 438423‡ and quote 1CL12530Scan the QR codeTERMS & CONDITIONS Offer valid for new subscriptions only, to UK delivery addresses. After the first 6 months your subscription will renew at £29.99 every 6 months. Subscription offer closes 31 January 2024. For subscription enquiries please telephone 01858 438423 and quote 1CL12530 or visit All orders will be acknowledged, and you will be advised of the start issue within 14 days. Subscriptions may be cancelled by providing 28 days’ notice. Free gifts while stock lasts. Subscriptions may not include promotional items packaged with the magazine. Lines open weekdays, 8am-9.30pm;…1 Min
Red UK|February 2024CAN THE WORKPLACE WIN US BACK?There was, at least, one positive thing to emerge from the global pandemic: we were forced to reassess the rules of the workplace we’ve been abiding by for decades. We adjusted to commute-less workdays and kids inadvertently attending meetings. Despite the challenges, many of us realised we could be productive away from the office, we could more seamlessly juggle the demands of family life and work, squeeze in time for self-care and bring our full, often messy, selves to work. But has the workplace changed for the better since then? Well, it’s complicated.‘People understandably feel strongly about maintaining the flexibility they gained during the pandemic,’ says Ngaire Moyes, UK country manager at LinkedIn, which found that 65% of women now say work-life balance is an important factor of a company’s…7 Min
Red UK|February 2024Small ways to stay happily marriedIt blows my mind that I’ve been in a relationship with my husband, Tom, for 23 years, which equates to half of my life. I’m 46, and met Tom in London when I was just 23. I felt very grown up then, even though I look back now on how young I was in reality. Within six months we were cohabiting, and less than five years later we got married in a church in Ibiza with close family and friends. The reception at a finca turned into a pool party, but that carefree fun feels like a million years ago now. Since then, we’ve had three children, acquired two cats and one dog, and grown into responsible (ahem) adulthood.When I was 23, my idea of love was more physical and…9 Min
Red UK|February 2024The month’s BEST BOOKSCome And Get It by Kiley Reid (Bloomsbury, £16.99, out 30th January)In this character-driven, campus-set novel about female students living in a dorm at a southern US university, friendships, rivalries and grudges are formed, all while Agatha Paul, a visiting professor, is quietly observing and taking notes. A witty and nuanced exploration of race and female-occupied spaces – I loved the thread of menace running through it.The Knowing by Emma Hinds (Bedford Square, £16.99, out 18th January)You can smell the spit and sawdust rising from the pages of this atmospheric gothic novel. Raised in New York’s Five Points slum, mystic Flora flees the abusive tattooist who uses her body as a canvas and takes refuge with Minnie, who manages a troupe of ‘freaks’. But the fancy townhouse Minnie shares with…2 Min
Red UK|February 2024GLORIOUS SECONDSABIGAIL DEANDay One (28th March) Three years after Girl A, former Google lawyer Dean returns with this devastating novel about the aftermath of a primary school shooting in a Lake District town.COCO MELLORSBlue Sisters (25th April) Three sisters reunite in New York to mourn the loss of their fourth sibling in this poignant follow-up to 2022’s Cleopatra And Frankenstein.INGRID PERSAUDThe Lost Love Songs Of Boysie Singh (25th April) In her first novel since 2020’s Love After Love, Persaud weaves a tale of four women, each somehow connected and controlled by notorious real-life gangster Boysie Singh.CATHERINE NEWMANSandwich (6th June) Swiftly following 2023’s We All Want Impossible Things, Newman delivers this bittersweet comedy about a woman sandwiched between half-grown kids and ageing parents.BELLA MACKIEUntitled (12th September) The author of How To Kill…1 Min
Red UK|February 2024WINTER 6 MONTHS SALE FOR £6‘I have bought other magazines but always come back to Red as it has everything: fashion, advice and interesting stories – and all aimed at women with busy lives’Lisa Patey, Red subscriberGREAT REASONS TO SUBSCRIBE● EXCLUSIVE READER OFFER Just £6 for your first six months (saving 88%)● INCLUDES free UK delivery direct to your door – never miss an issue● ACCESS to the digital edition each month on your smartphone or tablet, including seven years of back issuesOR TRY A DIGITAL ONLY SUBSCRIPTION?● JUST £1 for your first six months (saving 93%)● ACCESS to the digital edition each month on your smartphone or tablet, including seven years of back issues● READ it wherever you areEASY WAYS TO SUBSCRIBEVisit 01858 438853‡ and quote 1RD12566Scan the QR code on the rightTerms…1 Min
Red UK|February 2024TAKING THE WATERSNATURHOTEL FORSTHOFGUTLeogang, AustriaAfter three days of drinking my morning cup of English breakfast tea on a balcony overlooking the Leogang mountains, the prospect of leaving this family-run eco hotel and returning to my London commute – the smart chalets and Scandi-style wooden lofts replaced by towering buildings – feels impossible. Nature is the thing here; if I’m not in it, I’m looking at it or swimming pretty close to it. I ease into the outdoor bathing lake toe by toe, sticking out the cold by focusing on my outward breaths, then climb out feeling buoyant. I scrub my body with zingy exfoliating soap and sit neck-down in the blissful 42ºC warmth of the onsen. Then it’s a toss-up between the saunas (traditional and infrared), rooftop whirlpool, fire-lit relaxation rooms with…4 Min
Red UK|February 2024A FAMILY AFFAIRTHE LAKES BY YOOLechlade-on-ThamesSix in a car on a two-and-a-half-hour drive from Kent means tensions are high when we roll through the gates of The Lakes By Yoo. Mine, mainly – I’m quietly concerned about keeping three generations of family occupied for a whole weekend. I needn’t have worried. As we decompress on a tour around the estate, I realise that a week wouldn’t be long enough to exhaust everything on offer here. Granny is taken by the nature trail, my boyfriend by the ziplines and my parents by the co*cktail classes. And we all adore our Cotswold-y lakeside cabin, with its butterscotch stone walls, comfy-cool furnishings and fresh loaf of sourdough with pat of salted butter waiting in the kitchen. With all parties happily occupied by the bread, I…1 Min
Red UK|February 2024Culinary MASTERPIECEFood imitates art in an amazing new book, Painting The Plate, in which each recipe is inspired by, and accompanied by, an artistic masterpiece. An homage to Odilon Redon’s 1912 artwork The Birth Of Venus, this oyster recipe is a French classic with a subtle, Japanese-inspired twist. Very finely chop 1 echalion shallot and 1tbsp drained pickled ginger. Mix in a small bowl with 5tbsp rice vinegar, ½tsp cracked black pepper and a pinch of salt. Taste and adjust with additional salt and/or vinegar to get it to your liking. Cover and chill for at least 2hr to allow the flavours to intensify. Carefully shuck 12 fresh oysters with an oyster knife. Lay over ice and serve with the dressing. Serves 3-4.Taken from Painting The Plate (Prestel) by Felicity Souter.…1 Min
Red UK|February 2024Spring CHICKENChicken pilafI’m taking inspiration from Turkey for this pilaf, a favourite family meal. The liquid and the rice cooking time in the recipe means that chicken thighs or legs are the ideal cuts to use, with the meat cooking to tender perfection. You must then hope for a good crunchy layer of golden rice on the bottom of your casserole pan – this is the prize that must be shared or wolfed with a greedy abandon (in Persian cooking it is called the tahdig).SERVES 4• 700g boneless, skinless chicken (thigh is best), diced• 30g butter or ghee, or 2tbsp vegetable, sunflower or groundnut oil• 2 bay leaves, scrunched a little• 4 cloves• 1 large cinnamon stick (about 10cm)• 1 heaped tsp cumin seeds• 1 onion, finely diced• 2 garlic cloves,…10 Min
Red UK|February 202410 MINUTES TO WELLNESSBE YOUR OWN BEST FRIENDA study published in Clinical Psychological Science shows that being kind to oneself switches off the threat response and puts the body in a state of safety and relaxation that is important for regeneration and healing. Think of a situation you are struggling with. What would you say to your best friend about it?WRITE ABOUT YOUR BEST FUTURE SELFA study undertaken by the University of Missouri, Columbia, found that participants who write about their best possible future selves for four days in a row experienced a significant increase in positive mood. Participants even reported feeling less ill months later. So, what does your dream life look like? Where are you? Who are you with? This exercise is about what lights you up and helps you gain…2 Min
Red UK|February 20248 things you need to know before becoming a full-time vegan…and, no, having to defend tofu isn’t one of them.HERE’S WHAT EVERY VEGAN-CURIOUS WOMAN SHOULD KNOW1 Avoid becoming a starch-atarianYou’re going to need to plan carefully: if you eat what you’re eating now, minus all the meat/dairy/eggs/fish, you risk ending up protein-deprived, deficient in essential nutrients and exhausted. ‘If you are considering going vegan, you should first look at what essential nutrients you were getting from animal products and think about how you’re going to get them from elsewhere,’ says Tew. If not, you may essentially become a starch-atarian; filling meat and dairy voids with endless white pasta, fries and bread – things that, alone, won’t give your body what it needs to stay happy and healthy. Instead, choose whole plants, foods such as beans, lentils, wholegrains, fruit, vegetables, nuts and seeds.2 It’s time to get label savvyAnother challenge…4 Min
Red UK|February 2024BABY, IT’S cold outside1 THE BATH PRIORY, SOMERSETOverlooking four acres of idyllic grounds, this impressive Georgian country house consists of rooms with period features, a three AA Rosette restaurant and a lavish spa by Provençal brand L’Occitane (the only one in the UK, no less). If you’re feeling the chills, you can warm up in the heated pools, sauna and steam room or make yourself comfortable in front of the homely fireplace in your junior suite.When you’re ready to venture out, the centre of Bath is just a short stroll away and if you’re still nippy, simply detour to the city’s famous Roman baths to take the healing waters.ROOMS, FROM £224; THEBATHPRIORY.CO.UK2 PEN-Y-DYFFRYN HOTEL, SHROPSHIREThis tranquil Georgian rectory, situated on the Shropshire and Welsh border hills, makes an unforgettable setting for a winter…6 Min
Red UK|February 2024RESET ON THE PORTUGUESE RIVIERA ON A FIVE-STAR YOGA BREAKEscape to the beautiful town of Estoril, near Lisbon, and feel refreshed and revitalised on this fabulous four-night break in Portugal.You’ll be staying at the five-star Hotel Palácio Estoril, with outstanding views over Estoril and the Bay of Cascais. The property has maintained its traditional glamour and excellent service, but is now also home to a sleek modern spa, boasting top-of-the-range facilities.The spa hosts doctors, nutritionists, osteopaths, physiotherapists, personal trainers and an acupuncturist, all of whom are experts in their fields, should you want any advice.Your stay will include a variety of treatments and classes to calm your mind and balance your body. There’ll be two private yoga classes, along with a group class, plus there’s a Thai or Balinese full body massage to look forward to and two group…3 Min
Red UK|February 2024STARSPISCES OR PISCES RISING20th February to 20th MarchIt’s time to ask yourself what you’re scared of. If you’ve been thinking of seeing a therapist, your astrology currently supports doing exactly that. Or if you don’t want to, at least do some serious self-reflection. Getting to the bottom of whatever problems are currently spoiling your fun is crucial for your peace of mind.ARIES OR ARIES RISING21st March to 20th AprilWatch out if you have beef with a friend – things could get intense for you both this month. In fact, if you get through February without some drama with a friend, you’re a saint, and good on you! Breathe through any upsets – especially with a cherished someone.TAURUS OR TAURUS RISING21st April to 21st MayNow is the time for you to…4 Min
Red UK|February 2024CONTRIBUTORSKILEY REIDTalks about her new book on page 61. IN 2024, I WANT TO DO MORE… audio and print AND LESS… staring at screens.FEARNE COTTONShares her little happiness lessons on page 34. IN 2024, I WANT TO DO MORE… paintings AND LESS… worrying.MOLLY GUNNReveals what she’s learned about marriage on page 48. IN 2024, I WANT TO DO MORE… travelling AND LESS… looking at my phone.Red is a member of the Independent Press Standards Organisation (which regulates the UK’s magazine and newspaper industry). We abide by the Editors’ Code Of Practice and are committed to upholding the highest standards of journalism. If you think we have not met those standards and want to make a complaint, contact or visit If we are unable to resolve your complaint, or…1 Min
Red UK|February 2024HOT CHOCOLATEPunctuate with chunky gold jewellery and polished leather accessoriesIt’s all in the contrast: mix silk with cashmere and lambswool with hi-shine skirts…1 Min
Red UK|February 2024The merits of being a ‘lazy’ parent‘In terms of play, I leave them to it’My mum was no helicopter parent. She was always present, but she also had us on a long leash. She wasn’t the kind of craft mum who set up masses of activities for us. Instead, we were left to find our own entertainment. We’d fill sandwich bags with soil from the garden and sell them to pretend customers for £1 each. As we got a bit older, we were allowed to go off to the playing fields alone, with whistles around our necks in case we got into trouble. Mum would be sunbathing in the garden, reading The Guardian.Shoot forward a generation and I’m now raising my own children – my nine-year-old daughter and two sons, aged six and four – with…4 Min
Red UK|February 2024ENERGISE YOURSELFPLAYFind the funThink of a task you don’t want to do right now and ask: what it would look like if it was fun? Could you do it in a different way? Could you add music or a sense of humour, or get creative? What if you set out to do the task with friends, or promised yourself a treat at the end of the process? Or as lecturer Alan Watts put it: ‘Don’t be serious, be sincere.’ Think about it: no one wants to play Monopoly with someone who takes it too seriously, but neither do we want to play with someone who is completely uncaring. The most fun people to play with are those who play sincerely. And there’s a lot to be gained with treating our work…4 Min
Red UK|February 2024LITTLE BY LITTLESay a non-religious prayerNon-religious prayer is an act of handing over control to something bigger than us, and we don’t have to align with one certain doctrine to do it. It can be spoken out loud and a moment when you ask for support or guidance. Don’t get too hung up on who you are talking to. You might want to ask the universe, the spirit of a deceased loved one or keep it totally ambiguous. You may want to write the prayer in your notebook or just think it in your head. Praying doesn’t mean the answer reveals itself immediately, but you might notice a lessening of stress, a feeling of support and, down the line, new thoughts or ideas.Draw your life pie chartI watched an incredible talk by…5 Min
Red UK|February 2024Is vex king the next big self-help guru?Despite the vast array of labels placed upon him by wellness commentators, Vex King is certain of what he’s not: ‘I’m not a guru. I’m not a cult leader. I’m not any of those things,’ he says over Zoom. Admittedly, it’s unlikely a cult leader would overtly describe themselves as one, but there is something about King’s frankness, paired with his calm demeanour, that make me inclined to believe him.He’s the first to acknowledge the Marmite nature of the industry, explaining how people’s first reaction is often, ‘Not another self-help guru; we don’t need any more of them.’ Still, King, 36, who is almost entirely self-taught, has persisted, earning an army of followers, including Barack Obama and Millie Bobby Brown, along the way. He has built a loyal audience of…10 Min
Red UK|February 2024‘YOU CAN’T CONTROL WHAT BRINGS PEOPLE TO YOUR ART’Come And Get It is a brilliantly fun take on our money-obsessed society and the campus novel. What inspired it?I had an instinct that I wanted to write about money and young people before Such A Fun Age had even been published. I came across a book called Paying For The Party: How College Maintains Inequality when I was at grad school, and it made me think about what opportunities are available to which women in college, and how they impact a financial future. It was written by two university professors and I also loved the premise of these academic women interviewing younger women, so I decided to take that and put some bad behaviour behind it. My story follows three women at a university – Millie, a fifth-year senior,…3 Min
Red UK|February 2024HOW TO READ MORE IN 2024START SMALLShort stories are a great way to create and cement a reading habit, and there are some brilliant buzzed-about collections for 2024, including Mary Costello’s Barcelona, Naomi Wood’s This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things, and Bridget O’Connor’s posthumous collection After A Dance. Setting yourself a consistent goal of reading one story a night (or one chapter of a longer novel each evening) will help you get into a rhythm.PLAN A LISTChoosing titles you’re almost guaranteed to love will prevent you from abandoning another book 30 pages in. Literary Hub posts an excerpt from an upcoming novel daily, so that you can work out what grabs you before you commit, while The StoryGraph allows you to track your reading habits with a range of charts and graphs, and…2 Min
Red UK|February 2024AND SO TO SLEEPHOTEL DE LENCortina D’Ampezzo, ItalyHotel de Len knew what it was doing by situating its spa on the top floor and encasing it in glass for a jaw-dropping mountain panorama. Regular yoga classes will never be the same once you’ve practised lotus pose surrounded by snow-capped peaks, and an outdoor hydromassage tub and two saunas are perfectly placed to maximise gawp time. Hikes in said mountains are recommended as part of the hotel’s sleep-friendly protocol, which encourages outdoor activities during the day and a wind-down in the rooftop spa at dusk (other add-ons include pasta-making and wood-carving workshops, intended to enable a state of mindfulness). After an early-evening spa session overlooking the lights of Cortina, I retire to my room. Designed for optimal rest and wellbeing, it’s clad in wonderfully…4 Min
Red UK|February 2024Simply SJPI’d probably describe myself first as a parent – a mother. I have three children and I’ve discovered that, as they get older, they need you more, not less. It’s a really challenging, joyful, panicked part of my life. I’m a married woman of many years; I’ve been with my husband [the actor Matthew Broderick] for 30 years. And I’m a friend, a colleague and a serious professional. I’ve had a lot of opportunities that have been unconventional, given that I’ve spent the majority of my adult life as an actor. I’ve been able to start businesses, which is really important, interesting and challenging. So I guess I think of myself as a fortunate person with a lot of experiences that have made my life very rich, surprising and deeply…4 Min
Red UK|February 2024Mad about the HOUSEA few months ago, I was lucky enough to be invited to tour the private home of the Italian designer Piero Fornasetti in Milan. A prolific designer who was perhaps best known for his plates featuring 350 versions of a woman’s face, Fornasetti’s house is now lived in by his 73-year-old son, Barnaba, and is a complex layering of furniture, fabric and fun.From the giant eyes set on top of a bookcase that, in true cartoon fashion, seem to follow you around the room to the red bedroom where all the books have red in the title, it is a reminder not to take ourselves, and our homes, too seriously.Fornasetti took this to heart, creating his own tiles for the kitchen floor. They are printed with his newspapers cuttings, and…2 Min
Red UK|February 2024Make yourself a DOPAMENUDetermined to get your new year to-do list done? You want dopamine – a neurotransmitter that helps us feel pleasure, keeps us focused and supports motivations – working hard for you. Step forward, ‘dopamenus’. You could be forgiven for having missed this buzzy TikTok trend, which is essentially creating personalised lists of activities, tasks or experiences that make us happy. The idea? Choose something from your dopamenu, such as a walking coffee with a friend or a dance class, get a joy-jolting boost of dopamine and then ride this wave of happiness to get the less exciting stuff done. What goes on your dopamenu is up to you – but the idea is that the reward centre in your brain thinks, ‘Oh, that felt good, let’s keep that momentum going.’…1 Min
Red UK|February 2024What’s holding youback?Not many therapists have a full-length Netflix documentary made about them. But Phil Stutz isn’t your average therapist. He’s known for working with Hollywood actors, agents, writers and producers – John Cusack interviewed him for his book and Gwyneth Paltrow had him on her podcast – and the documentary was made by one such client, the actor Jonah Hill. It’s very intimate – just the two of them talking for 90 minutes. Stutz has an unconventional approach to therapy, one that’s laced with humour – he breaks the ice at the start of sessions by saying, ‘Okay, entertain me!’ His other oft-used line with clients is: ‘You’d better not come in here and dump all your sh*t on me.’But Stutz is serious about getting people better. That’s why, unlike traditional…7 Min
Red UK|February 2024THE wellness EDITRESET YOUR SLEEPBeat the winter blues by booking something relaxing to look forward to. I’d suggest the Ultimate Sen Sleep Spa Break at the beautiful Careys Manor Hotel in the New Forest. Including access to the SenSpa Thai spa – complete with hydrotherapy pools and a crystal steam room – plus a sumptuous Ayurvedic head massage, you’ll also find some gorgeous sleep products waiting for you in your room. Between treatments, you can go for rambles in the New Forest National Park. The perfect break for body and mind.GOOD INTENTIONSThere’s nothing I love more than starting a new wellness journal to herald the beginning of a new year. The right journal can be the perfect vehicle to keep you on track with the health, wellbeing and productivity goals that matter…2 Min
Red UK|February 2024DINE AT RAYMOND BLANC’S ICONIC LE MANOIR AUX QUAT’SAISONSLovers of fine food will feel at home at Le Manoir aux Quat’Saisons, A Belmond Hotel, Raymond Blanc’s Oxfordshire restaurant. The renowned chef has created a unique culinary experience here, and in 2024 the hotel marks its 40th birthday.We’re giving you the chance to celebrate the original garden-to-table experience in style, with a very special overnight springtime stay.You’ll be welcomed with a glass of Champagne and a tour of Le Manoir’s gardens with a senior gardener before enjoying an exceptional five-course dinner in the two-Michelin-starred restaurant. Each course is designed with the freshest spring ingredients, using innovative methods from Le Manoir’s expert chefs.After your day exploring and dining, you’ll retire to your room where you can unwind in absolute comfort. In the morning, you’ll have breakfast included, which can be…3 Min
Red UK|February 2024DISCOVER SOUTH AFRICA AND MAURITIUS ON THIS FIVE-STAR BUSH AND BEACH ADVENTUREImmerse yourself in the spectacular South African and Mauritian wilderness on this unforgettable 15-day tour, with many opportunities to unwind, connect with nature and explore the local culture.The first leg of your African adventure is at the five-star, all-inclusive Rhino Lodge on the Sebatana Private Reserve. Don your outdoor gear and hop into an open-air vehicle to explore the bush on daily safari trips with expert guides. See if you can spot each of the ‘Big Five’, enjoy a Champagne brunch in the heart of the savanna and partake in a sundowner on Sunset Rock while watching the sky transform into dusk.Next stop is wonderful Mauritius. You’ll check in at the all-inclusive Tamassa Bel Ombre and swap your safari gear for your swimsuit. As well as relaxing on the powder-soft…4 Min
Red UK|February 2024THE fashion EDITWAX LYRICALFrosty winter walks call for a classic Barbour waxed jacket. Buy it a little oversized so you can layer chunky sweaters underneath and, for a contemporary twist, pair this heritage brand with black gloss trousers.PUFFED UPMy latest love affair is with chunky puff heart earrings – especially the extra-large gold clip-ons by Annika Inez and double drop hearts by Galleria Armadōrō. To be paired with a crisp white shirt and tailored black trousers.GO GREENI’m breaking away from my usual uniform of black, navy and cream and investing in an apple green sweater. Inspired by style influencer Jenny Walton, I’ll wear it with a black pencil skirt and white Prada slingbacks.THE NEW ‘IT’ BAGSThe rise of the demi-luxe ‘it’ bag has ushered in a new breed of cult brands delivering…1 Min
Red UK|February 2024UNBLOCK PROCRASTINATIONTHE FOG OF UNCERTAINTYA big blocker to feel-good productivity is ‘uncertainty’ paralysis: when we become overwhelmed by the unknowns of a situation, it can lead to an inability to act. The main way uncertainty drives procrastination is by creating ambiguity around our ultimate purpose. If we don’t know why we’re embarking on any given project, it’s near impossible to get on with actually doing it. Asking ‘why’ repeatedly reminds us what we should be really focusing on.RETHINK GOALSMy preferred method for goal setting doesn’t include fixating on external outcome, but on the feel-good journey. NICE goals are Near-term, Input-based, Controllable and Energising. For example, one goal may be to lose 20 pounds within the next three months. A NICE version would be: exercise for 30 minutes daily, focusing on activities…3 Min
Red UK|February 2024PASSIVE INCOME (aka do less, earn more)Imagine how most of us earn and we think of cash coming in through a salaried nine-to-five, freelance work or tiring-sounding side hustles. But there are lots of ways, sometimes small or basic but often surprisingly lucrative, to set up passive income sources – so-called because they generate money without you having to be present – whatever your means. The value of passive income has been brought into greater focus since the pandemic, which highlighted the need for a financial safety net if you have to take time out for illness or caring duties, as well as to bolster pension savings at a time when many are concerned about how to build up a big enough pot to fund older age. In her Substack The Hyphen, writer Emma Gannon details…6 Min
Red UK|February 2024‘The idea of being something different every day is very appealing’Catherine O’Hara received a message recently that stopped her in her tracks: Macaulay Culkin wants you to call him. ‘I was like, “What? Oh, really?”’ she laughs. O’Hara, of course, played Culkin’s mother in the hugely successful Home Alone films in the early 1990s. The pair hadn’t really kept in touch, but when Culkin heard he was receiving a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and needed someone to present it to him, O’Hara was the first person he thought of.‘Isn’t that sweet?’ she beams through a Zoom screen from her Los Angeles home. ‘I thought, “Oh, he’s giving me another chance to show up for him after losing him twice. He’s giving me redemption!”’Culkin might be the one being honoured by Hollywood, but his on-screen mother is arguably…9 Min
Red UK|February 2024How to make your work life betterSET MENTAL BOUNDARIES ‘Think about what is expected from you at work, and then what you expect from your employer,’ says Jodie Cariss. ‘Often, we’re pulled into thinking we have to give everything to our work and we also expect everything in return. But if we give away all our power to the workplace – in terms of it having the sole responsibility for our contentedness and fulfilment – we’re doing ourselves a massive disservice. Hold on to your autonomy and remember that you also have a responsibility for making your work life better.’LOOK OUTSIDE THE WORKPLACE Cariss recommends thinking about other areas of your wellbeing that could be contributing to the negative feelings you have about work. Ask: am I drinking too much? Sleeping enough? Exercising enough? Am I…2 Min
Red UK|February 2024How I got hereDr Aomawa Shields set her sights on space from an early age. Fascinated by the beauty, science and otherworldliness of the universe, she decided she wanted to be an astronaut and pursued her dream of making it to space with determination. But after taking part in a play at high school, Aomawa also fell in love with acting and performance, and found a way to combine both passions.WATCHING THE MOVIE SPACECAMP AS A TEEN WAS A DEFINING MOMENT. It’s about a group of students who accidentally get launched into space. I remember thinking, ‘If they can go into space, I can, too!’ I rushed home to pull out the ‘A’ encyclopaedia volume, looked up ‘astronaut’ and ‘astronomy’ and decided my whole career trajectory then and there! I wanted to go…3 Min
Red UK|February 2024CULTURE FIXTHEATREThe Picture Of Dorian GraySarah Snook – aka Succession’s Shiv – turns Oscar Wilde’s classic into a one-woman show by taking on all 26 roles in this contemporary reimagination that collides live performance with video. Directed by Sydney Theatre Company’s Kip Williams, the production has already enjoyed three sellout seasons in Sydney and comes to London’s Theatre Royal Haymarket for a limited 14-week run. From 6th February, gripping six-part drama, based on Janice Y K Lee’s 2016 novel The Expatriates, stars Nicole Kidman as Margaret, an architect who moves to Hong Kong with her husband and children, only for her youngest son to go missing. Within her circle are fellow expats Hilary (Sarayu Blue) and Mercy (Ji-young Yoo), who each find their own lives changed by the same devastating…2 Min
Red UK|February 2024THE GREAT SPA GUIDE 2024LA ZAMBRAAndalucía, SpainI fly through a storm to reach La Zambra, palms clinging to the armrests as I focus intently on the 325 days of yearly sunshine bestowed upon the Costa del Sol. Happily, the sun plays ball on landing and all turbulence is forgotten once I’m safely cocooned within the hotel’s white Moorish walls. La Zambra hasn’t always been this calm. Formerly the Byblos Hotel, it was a decadent party spot beloved of The Rolling Stones and Julio Iglesias (the Bamboleo bar is named in his honour). The lavish 1980s decor has left the building and the new owners have let the magical local light in; it bounces off the cool stone floors and is practically a design feature in the spa. Treatments here follow different ‘journeys’, determined by…15 Min
Red UK|February 2024CAPITAL IDEASSIX SENSES ROMERome, ItalySix Senses’ Italian outpost and first urban property is my kind of Roman Holiday: extremely smart with a modern take on wellness. My spa journey begins with sound healing: the therapist asks me to take several deep belly breaths, then uses Tibetan singing bowls to create a sequence of sounds that vibrates through my body and leaves me feeling as if I’ve just had the most intense full-body massage. Afterwards, in the hotel’s Roman baths, I experience something of the ancient art of bathing, following a circuit designed to reduce inflammation by heating the body up and cooling it down again. OONAGH BRENNANROOMS, FROM AROUND £860 A NIGHT; SOUND JOURNEY, AROUND £78 FOR 60 MINUTES; ROMAN BATH DAY SPA, AROUND £44 (COMPLIMENTARY FOR HOTEL GUESTS)GUERLAIN SPA AT…3 Min
Red UK|February 2024THE beauty EDITREPAIR AND RESTOREHere’s what I’m hunkering down with this month…WINTER SPRITZESSunseekers rejoice: the latest perfumes bring dazzling sunny notes but with a cosy, comforting twist. ‘Layering clean, light top notes with soft and enduring base notes such as patchouli, amber and musk creates glowing scents that are rich enough to make an entrance on cold evenings,’ explains Olfactive O founder Olivia da Costa. The brand’s wintry take on citrus combines sparkling lemon with amber ‘to emulate the year-round joy of clinking a glass of ice-cold Champagne’. Equally effervescent is Moncler’s olfactory ode to a bracing dawn; tart grapefruit and white flowers meet sensual sandalwood to create a light and warm scent. Estée Lauder’s cult Bronze Goddess is also kitted out for chilly weather, thanks to enveloping dark tonka bean, night-blooming…2 Min
Red UK|February 2024Changing ROOMS1 Min
Red UK|February 2024The 1%Wellness ClubI once spent a whole year of my life living, breathing and, in many cases, crying my way through self-help books. Each month, I picked a new book and did absolutely everything it told me to do, in the hope that it would transform my broke, hungover, periodically depressed existence.In the name of conquering my fears, I jumped out of planes, did stand-up comedy and modelled naked. I spent a month getting rejected every day as part of a masoch*stic form of self-help called Rejection Therapy. I even tried running across burning coals in the hope that the flames would rid me of my anxiety.Spoiler alert, it didn’t happen. Not at all. By the end of the year, I had not turned into a cross between Buddha and Beyoncé; instead,…6 Min
Red UK|February 2024Plant powerSOUPERFOOD SOUPThere is some disagreement about what constitutes a ‘superfood’, but there are a few foods that crop up on just about every list – such as kale, garlic, tomatoes, beans, lentils, herbs and spices, nuts, seeds and olive oil. So, here are all of these, combined into one very satisfying, very wholesome, souper-delicious super-soup.SERVES 4 as a starter, 2 as a mainFOR THE TOPPING• Handful of fresh mint leaves• ½tsp dried chilli flakes• 1tbsp toasted almonds (or other nut)• 1tbsp pine nuts (or other seed)• ¼tsp saltFOR THE SOUP• 2tbsp olive oil• 1 onion, peeled and roughly chopped• 2 garlic cloves, peeled and grated or minced• 2tsp ground cumin• 1tsp ground turmeric• 2 x 400g tins of chopped tomatoes• 500ml vegetable stock• 50g dried red lentils, rinsed• 150g tinned…5 Min
Red UK|February 2024Step into the lightEach month has between 28 and 31 days, except January, which has 27,898 – or so it seems. More often than not, we blame its gloominess on post-Christmas debt and a lack of 5pm pomegranate martinis, but it turns out we might just be missing the light. Literally. Right now, there’s a whole wave of research emerging about how important the shortwave, blue-white morning light – which peaks between the hours of 7am and 11am – is for our health and wellbeing. This type of bright light boosts alertness, helps memory and brain function, and elevates mood. It’s also the type that’s in scant supply right now, with January having the lowest average daily sun hours of the year (some parts of Scotland get a meagre 64 minutes of sunlight…6 Min
Red UK|February 2024RELAX AND UNWIND AT AWARD-WINNING CAREYS MANOR HOTEL & SENSPARelax at the 22,000sq ft SenSpa, the manor’s award-winning Thai spa. Here you can refresh your senses with some of the most extensive facilities in the UK, including a large hydrotherapy pool, herbal sauna, crystal steam room, ice room, experience showers and much more.The natural treatment menu includes a selection of Thai-inspired therapies to relax the mind and body. With our offer, you’ll get inclusive use of the spa’s hydrotherapy facilities and complimentary use of the health club facilities throughout your stay, too.You’ll also be spoilt for choice when it comes to fine food. Our offer includes dinner on both nights;
Red UK|February 2024JOIN A FAMILY-FRIENDLY NINE-DAY TOUR OF COSTA RICACosta Rica is a nature-lover’s dream, where every road seems to lead to a waterfall, volcano, lush rainforest or tropical beach. It’s the perfect destination for adventurous families who want to see incredible wildlife in one of the world’s most diverse natural habitats.This trip is designed for parents and children between six and 17 to enjoy together. You will be travelling as part of a group of families on an itinerary that’s been designed with the needs of the whole family in mind.This nine-day trip gives kids (and parents) an education in biology and ecology that will never be found in a textbook. You’ll spend days studying the fascinating flora and fauna that inhabit the forest canopies, and getting in touch with Costa Rica’s beautiful landscapes with a range of…4 Min
Red UK|February 2024My list of EVERYTHINGMY CAN’T-MISS PODCAST IS… The Business Of Fashion Podcast, which is always inspiring.THE CANDLE I LOVE TO LIGHT IS… Our Les Composantes candles, in their colourful ceramic jars, to keep for yourself or give as a gift.MY SIGNATURE LIPSTICK IS… Buly’s transparent ivory Baume des Muses, in its pretty box. It accompanies me through the seasons.MY FOODIE WEAKNESS IS… Mediterranean and Italian dishes to share around a generous table.WHEN I SEND FLOWERS, I CALL… My neighbourhood florist, Aoyama Flower Market: a Japanese address in Paris where every flower is a rare delicacy.MY ONE-STOP MORNING COFFEE SHOP IS… At home with my daughters.MY FAVOURITE PAIR OF SHOES IS… I’ve been wearing my Colette and Anaelle over-the-knee boots, from Sézane, a lot. They’re available in different colours, which allows you to mix…2 Min
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