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In each expansion, leveling in Final Fantasy XIV gets a little bit longer due to XP requirements for getting from one level to the next. In Dawntrail, that grind is still not an incredibly long one, but players are looking to squeeze out as much experience in each activity in order to level all 21 jobs to 100 quickly.

The tried-and-true methods to leveling area all still relevant in Dawntrail, but with each new expansion, there are multiple ways to multitask in order to both level and complete another goal while you do it. Below are a few examples of what you can do to level fast, and some suggestions on how to passively level while you work on other achievements throughout the Dawntrail expansion.

  • Roulettes
  • FATEs
  • Dungeons
  • Wondrous Tails
  • Quests



Duty Roulettes remain the best way to level. Doing them daily will enable you to get at least two to three levels per day if you do them all on the same class, more if you're leveling something that pops up as "in need", since it awards extra XP.

Don't forget the Frontline daily! Not only can you queue in as any class and then switch to your preferred job once you get there, but you can also earn Wolf Marks and Trophy Crystals in addition to the series levels. Fashion accessories, minions, and even mounts can be earned passively just by doing your daily Frontline.

Going down the line of roulettes will net you some serious XP per day, so don't miss those.


This is where you can start weaving in some other objectives in with leveling. Shared FATEs will net you the option to purchase some rewards with Bicolor Gemstones. There are four ranks in each zone, and each rank unlocks new things to purchase with the currency. Some of the rank four rewards are highly desirable, such as new fashion accessories, Orchestrion Rolls, and more.

The lower level you are, the more likely you'll want to start in the two beginning zones. Here's a rough estimate of which zones you should use based on your level:

  • Level 90-92 - Urqopacha and Kozama'uka
  • Level 93-95 - Yak T'el
  • Level 96-97 - Shaaloani
  • Level 97-98 - Heritage Found
  • Level 99-100 - Living Memory

If you plan on leveling crafters and gatherers, it's worth holding onto those Bicolor Gemstones. Most of the ingredients will be required for the collectables crafting leveling method, and although those materials can be farmed from the mobs they're associated to, it will take hours of farming it.

This means that you can level, farm the Shared FATEs to increase your rank, and stockpile Bicolor Gemstones all in one activity. Additionally, while you're in Shaaloani or Living Memory, you might get lucky and one of the two special FATEs might pop up.



If you've run out of roulettes for the day and FATEs aren't your thing, then running the highest level Dungeon is your next best bet. This isn't a bad option if you're leveling a tank or healer, but leveling a DPS job is where this method starts to lose its luster. Queues are very fast for the former, while the latter can take up to 30 minutes per queue or more depending on the time of day.

If you're just leveling from 90 to 100, you shouldn't have many issues with running the highest level dungeon, but if you're leveling Viper or Pictomancer, you'll want to switch up methods around level 90. Every 10 levels, the XP drop for Dungeons dramatically lowers, since that dungeon was meant to be played at max level. Run the next lowest level until you push past 90 or use another method until you reach level 91 and can continue earning copious amounts of XP.

Wondrous Tails

Every Tuesday, you can pick up a new journal from Khloe in Idyllshire (X: 5.7, Y: 6.1). The journal will give you several options to mark down stickers on a bingo board. The more lines you get on the board, the more rewards you can earn. But even if you don't get a line, you'll get a guaranteed reward including a massive chunk of XP.

You can complete the tasks on the left side of the page in any order and on any job, but make sure you switch to the job you want to level when you go to turn in the journal, or you'll miss out on the boost!

Second chance points can also be used to solo some of the fights and you can spam them over and over again using the Unrestricted Party feature in the Duty Finder. Using Second Chance points, which are earned by running players through content they haven't encountered before (or going through new content yourself), will grant Second Chance points.

Wondrous Tails journals are good for two weeks from the date you pick it up, so it's possible to pick one up the Monday before reset, complete it on Tuesday, immediately pick up a new journal and turn that in for a good boost of XP.


While arguably not a great source of XP, this is another one of those tasks you can do if you're looking to multitask. This method is especially good if you're waiting for a special FATE to spawn in that zone to give you something a little extra to do when FATEs are on cooldown. Plus, some of the quests are worth paying attention to for their stories. If one of them has a cutscene, you might get a connected chain of stories, and some might even connect to other quests in other zones!

Aside from completing all of the sidequests to say you did or to find hidden rewards that aren't locked behind a blue quest, these are just there for those who want something different to do and can get a little XP by completing them, but other methods will level you quicker than side quests will.

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